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Winnebago Adventure Wagon 70SE: Mainstream Modular Camper Van

Winnebago and Adventure Wagon partner up to build an incredibly modular camper van with RV comforts and amazing flexibility.

Winnebago Adventure Wagon(Photo/Winnebago)
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Finding the right van for your life’s adventures can be tough. Normally, you need to find a balance, like balancing the customizability of a company like Adventure Wagon’s modular cabin with the decades of traditional RV experience of a company like Winnebago. Well, that just got easier because Winnebago and Adventure Wagon have announced a collaboration — a limited edition van they say is the ultimate adventure vehicle.

The starting point for the Winnebago Adventure Wagon 70SE is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170 dually. That’s the long wheelbase version of the staple, fitted with the walk-around-ready high roof. The base platform gives you just an inch under 23 feet to work with.

Neither company mentioned exactly which variant of the van would be used, but we can’t imagine the AWD Sprinter won’t be available. That’s the one with 332 pound-feet of torque from a 2.0L four-cylinder diesel. Crucially, it can also handle up to 4,879 pounds of your van life outfitting, cargo, and other gear.

Winnebago: RV Know-How

Winnebago Adventure Wagon interior

What will each part of the pairing offer? We’ll start with Winnebago.

The RV experts at Winnebago supply most of the comfort parts of the equation, such as the kitchen galley system to give you somewhere to store and prepare food. Winnebago is also responsible for both clean and dirty water with a Dometic potable water system and a Porta Potti self-contained toilet.

Winnebago handles the 120V power supply as well. There are dimmable lights, 12V outlets, and USB ports. Portable onboard power is supplied by a 3.6-kilowatt-hour EcoFlow Delta portable power station. The system uses a lithium-ion battery pack instead of a traditional gas generator or a series of lead-acid 12V car batteries.

Modular Adventure Wagon Interior

Winnebago Adventure Wagon under bed storage area

Adventure Wagon’s contributions start by providing a Smartfloor with a seating system and L-Track cargo rails. It’s these systems that really make the Winnebago + Adventure Wagon so special by making it ultra-flexible.

The Smartfloor system gives you modular seating options. The floor-mounted tracks solve the problem of configuring your interior around factory-fixed seating spots. The seats can be moved forward and backward or side to side. You can even take all the rear seats out for more space or buy more seats to haul more passengers.

Winnebago Adventure Wagon sink and storage

Adventure Wagon’s L-Track cargo rails bolt to a steel A-Frame that is securely mounted to the vehicle. All interior furniture attaches to the L-Track cargo rails. This includes the company’s Mule Bag soft-sided overhead storage bag system, which stores your gear up and out of the way.

The benefit of the L-Track rails is that not only can everything be moved easily, but everything can also be quickly removed. So if you need to use your van like a van (instead of a camper), you can clear out the interior and fit a stack of drywall, help your friends move, or stuff in even more bikes than normal. You can add more or less storage and move everything around where it works best for you.

Mother of All Beds

Winnebago Adventure Wagon

Last but certainly not least is Adventure Wagon’s Mother of All Beds. The modular MOAB system lets you move the bed frame down for headroom or up for storage underneath. You can add a second bunk to bring the kids along or pretty much any configuration you can dream up.

However you configure it, Winnebago’s queen-sized WinnSleep mattress will sit on the Mother of All Beds platform. It’s a two-layer high-density foam mattress with a suspension system to help increase your comfort and provide air circulation for better sleep.

Winnebago Adventure Wagon 70SE

Winnebago Adventure Wagon on dirt

The Winnebago + Adventure Wagon vans will be sold through select Winnebago dealers starting in March 2023.

There’s no official price yet, but at least one RV dealer was advertising the Winnebago Adventure Wagon 70SE for $179,782 at the Florida RV Supershow. If you’re interested, you can hit up the Winnebago website or reach out to the company’s Concierge Center at 833-714-1224.

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