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This Deal’s a Steal: Glare-Cutting, UV-Blocking Sunglasses for Fishing

Find great deals on outdoor gear. That's our goal each week. This week, save on fishing sunglasses.

Great deals on fishing sunglasses
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Fishing without sunglasses on a sunny day is downright uncomfortable — like skiing without gloves in a blizzard. And for all but the lowest light conditions, sunglasses greatly enhance anglers’ ability to see into the water or sight fishing. Sunglasses also shield anglers’ eyes from the sharp hooks flying through the air — just ask anyone who’s been part of a crowd snagging salmon in Alaska.

There are a lot of factors that go into a good pair of shades, but it really comes down to lens quality, durability, and comfort. A quality polarized lens allows you to peer through the water in ways the naked eye just can’t.

Right now, some of our favorite brands are offering deals on top-notch fishing sunglasses. Grab yours now ahead of the prime fishing season.

Costa Ferg Sunglasses: $147 (50% Off)

Our editors swear by Costas, not just for fishing, but also as some of the best sunglasses on the market. The Ferg fishing sunglasses are a flagship model for Costa — a well-regarded brand known for its durability and refined performance. With large frames, top and side shields, and vented adjustable nose pads, the Ferg is purpose-built for long sunny days on the water.

As with any quality sunglasses, Ferg’s lenses are the brand’s top selling point. The polarized glass cuts glare with ease and repel sweat, oil, and water for easy cleaning. We’ve tested several pairs of Costas, and the lenses are consistently impressive.

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Bajío Swash: $139 (30% Off)

Bajio Swash Fishing Sunglasses

Bajío has grown into one of our favorite sunglasses brands in recent years. Though the brand hasn’t been around for very long, it’s making some serious waves. We’ve worn Bajío glasses on a near-daily basis for up to a full year, and they pass the durability test with flying (UV-free) colors.

The Swash shades have an easy-wearing large frame with classic, subtle styling. Its bio-based nylon material is lightweight and flexible, and the nose and temple contact points are soft and grippy. Bajío’s LAPIS lens technology eliminates reflective surface glare and keeps eye strain to a minimum.

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Oakley Holbrook: $162 (23% Off)

Oakley Holbrook Fishing Sunglasses

The Oakley Holbrook ($212) is available in many frame and lens combinations, allowing users to easily lock in a custom fit. From metal frame options to dozens of color options, the limits are few.

These shades are large and lightweight with a high nose bridge. They’re a good choice for those with bigger heads, wider faces, and stronger nose builds. Durable plutonite lenses block 100% of UVA, UVB, UVB, and blue light. Though not strictly made for fishing, the Holbrooks offer all the right features for driving the bass boat or tossing flies from the shoreline.

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