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Extreme Sports: Slacklining Over the Arctic Circle

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This 10-minute documentary tells the story of six adventurers who attempt to slackline over the Arctic.

A team of six started out in Norway, camping in some of the coldest conditions you could imagine. Unlike most outdoor adventure endeavors, they weren’t there to climb a mountain, ski the steepest peak, or set a “fastest” record. They were there to string a line between two Arctic cliffs and walk across — to slackline.

Slacklining is the sport of stringing a piece of taut webbing between two fixed points and using balance to walk or bike from one end to another. Highlining is the same thing, but thousands of feet up in the air, usually over cliffs or water. Some incredible highlining feats have already been established in places like UtahYosemite, and New York City.

Because slacklining is newer, there’s more room for athletes to push the envelope, to get extreme. Like in this film, where the six slackliners are not only slacklining in the Arctic circle, but also hoping to do so with the background of the ethereal Northern Lights.

The slackliners featured in this film are Friedi Kuhne, Louise Lenoble, Lukas Irmler, Sebastian Segraves, Tijmen van Dieren, and Samuel Volery.

Pathfinder” is a Raised By Wolves Production created by Adam Rubin and Dan Lior.

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