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Patagonia Athlete Alex Megos Claims Multiple First Ascents at Red River Gorge

Alex Megos is sending 5.14 and playing the hits at the Red River Gorge. At least, the ones by millennial-famous rock band Papa Roach.

megos red ramAlexander Megos sends Spain's 'Red Ram' (5.15a) on his third try in 2022; (photo/Esteban Lahoz)
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Suffocation, No Breathing, this is Alex Megos’ Last Resort.

The 29-year-old German rock jock has apparently been psyching himself up with a steady dose of Papa Roach — and it’s been working.

Two days ago, Megos reported the first ascent of Last Resort, 5.14a. A day later came Suffocation, 5.14c. Then finally, just hours ago, No Breathing, 5.14b.

Megos’ Roach-fueled spree generated three seemingly desperate routes that are oddly truncated for the area. “The Red” is famous for its loping, questy jug hauls — for the most part, surviving the pump is the main task, not latching tiny holds or pulling circus-trick sequences.

Not so on Suffocation, No Breathing, or Last Resort.

Watch each video for gnarly movement with awkwardly high feet and crappy holds at bizarre angles including cramped, Hadoken-like hand positions, especially on Suffocation.

The walls may look vertical, but don’t be fooled: It’s a trick of the camera. When Megos cuts his feet, you’ll see his body lever out from the sandstone at wild angles.

Megos, understandably, reported receiving a massage between climbs. Rage this much (athletically or musically), and you’ll get a little wrecked.

The German phenom reported his Red River Gorge trip will end tomorrow after dispatching No Breathing.

Meanwhile, one commenter won the internet:

“CUT MY TRIP INTO PIECES, this is my last FA,” wrote Grahm Hornsby.


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