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Poles You’ll Never Need to Adjust: Folkrm Wyeast Backcountry Ski Pole Review

The lightweight yet durable design of the Folkrm Wyeast ski pole coupled with the long pole grips allows for creative and efficient uphill travel.

Folkrm Wyeast Backcountry Ski Poles(Photo/Anneka Williams)
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Layers of white-capped peaks poke into a bluebird sky. I break out of the woods onto an open slope in Utah’s Central Wasatch. It’s steep. And I feel my hips shift as I traverse across, my uphill ski sitting higher than my downhill ski. I shift my body weight around to keep my balance. 

My grip on the Folkrm Wyeast ski poles gets tighter as I approach the middle of the slope. Driving their baskets into deep powder, I anchor myself into the mountain, resisting the downward pull of gravity. The poles are sturdy. But I barely notice their weight in my hands.

As I lean into the slope, I notice that my uphill hand has shifted down on my pole grips while my downhill hand has shifted up. The extra-long pole grips of the Folkrm Wyeast ski poles easily accommodate the adjustments. 

This is my first season using a pair of Folkrms. I’ve put them to the test skiing terrain ranging from steep couloirs to open snowfields and conditions ranging from waist-deep powder to hard-packed ice. Through it all, the Folkrm Wyeast ski poles have earned my admiration.

In short: I got a pair of Folkrm Wyeast ski poles early in my 2022/23 ski season and have used them on every backcountry tour I’ve done this year. These ski poles ($120) are extremely identifiable by their extra-long pole grips, topped with an easily removable strap. Designed for efficient uphill travel, the poles weigh next to nothing. The only downside is the baskets can be prone to falling off. But once I attached the baskets extra tightly, these poles outperformed all other poles I’ve used in the backcountry.

Folkrm Wyeast Poles


  • Weight 8 oz. (227 g)
  • Grip Biodegradable EVA
  • Shaft Aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum alloy
  • Top cap Molded and rubberized top cap
  • Removable strap
  • Freeride powder basket
Poles You’ll Never Need to Adjust: Folkrm Wyeast Backcountry Ski Pole Review


  • Lightweight
  • Extra-long grips are useful for adjusting the height
  • Wrist straps are easily removable
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly components


  • Non-collapsable
  • Basket is prone to falling off

Folkrm Wyeast Poles Review

Perfect for the Long Haul

I was shocked when I first lifted the Folkrm Wyeast poles. Despite looking quite hefty in appearance, the poles weigh in at only 8 ounces thanks to an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy shaft. For backcountry travel, this ultralight construction is essential. 

I recently used the poles for an ascent of Utah’s Lone Peak (11,260 feet). The day consisted of more than 6,000 feet of elevation gain. Over that distance and vertical climbing, pole weight matters. Folkrm’s Wyeast was light enough that I could forget I was holding them. 

But despite being lightweight, the poles are incredibly durable. In the past couple of months, I’ve tested the Wyeast poles in deep powder, icy hardpack, mellow snow fields, and steep couloirs. The poles have held up through it all, effortlessly adapting to changes in terrain surfaces. 

After a season of use, I’ve concluded that the Folkrm Wyeast offers a lightweight backcountry pole option without compromising strength or performance, making them perfect for long days in the mountains with lots of climbing.

Folkrm Wyeast ski poles; (photo; Anneka Williams)
(Photo/Anneka Williams)

Longer Grips Allow for More Creative Travel

From steep, zig-zagging switchbacks, to long, exposed ridge traverses, to tight turns through trees, backcountry skiing offers just about everything you could imagine. I love the dynamic nature of backcountry skiing, but it can be hard to find gear that holds up well through changing terrain features and conditions. 

Folkrm’s Wyeast long pole grips make it easy and efficient to adapt to changes in terrain, allowing you to tackle diverse, creative approaches and descents, and enabling you to take on anything the backcountry has to offer. 

Unlike most touring poles on the market, Folkrm Wyeast poles come in a fixed length (available lengths are: 105, 115, 125, 135, and 145 cm). This type of pole is often described as a “baton pole,” meaning it has no sliding or moving parts. That means there’s less to fidget with and less to potentially fail.

Perhaps the most striking feature of these poles is a grip that extends quite far down the pole length. The foam grip maintains a constant diameter throughout its length, making it easy to quickly switch hand positions along the pole shaft. The grip is made of molded foam, which I find makes it easy to wrap my fingers around and grasp firmly. 

With these poles, there’s no need to fiddle with adjusting the pole length or face the challenge of your hand slipping along the shaft. You just choke up or down the pole grip as you move through varied terrain.

I did struggle with the baskets coming off at first. But since I adjusted those and snugly jammed them on, it hasn’t been an issue.

Stylish on the Skin Track 

While function should trump fashion in the backcountry, Folkrm’s Wyeast poles don’t actually make you choose. The combination of long pole grips, aluminum shafts, and powder baskets offer a simple, elegant aesthetic that looks classy as hell on the skin track. 

The Folkrm website offers three color options: Onyx Black, Cascade Blue, and Lunar Green (all $120).

Good for the Planet

Folkrm strives to not just be good for skiing but also good for the planet. The signature grips are made of biodegradable foam, and the company claims tests have shown 20% biodegradability over 200 days in biologically active landfills.

Conclusion: Folkrm Wyeast Ski Poles

Folkrm Wyeast ski poles; (photo; Anneka Williams)
(Photo/Anneka Williams)

I love the Folkrm Wyeast poles for backcountry touring. The poles are lightweight yet durable, and the long grips enable efficient and creative responses to terrain changes. These poles are the perfect companion for traversing steep slopes, navigating precarious ridges, and spending long days in the backcountry.

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