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Hey Fam, Come Camp in This Bean Can

Ever wished you were a baked bean? Well, Bush's Beans has got the opportunity for you: the chance to stay in a bean-themed 'canper' outside three iconic national parks.

an 3D rendering of a can-shaped camper in a fieldA sweepstakes from Bush's Beans and the National Park Foundation means you could stay overnight in this bad boy. Your Insta will never be the same; (photo/Bush's Beans)
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I won’t go so far as to say, “Everyone has always dreamed of sleeping in a bean-themed camper outside a national park.” But it’s a wide and interesting world, and for somebody out there, bean-centric camping is probably a legit desire.

If you happen to be this person, it’s your lucky day. The National Parks Foundation and Bush’s Beans have teamed up to offer six folks a unique camping experience: a one-night stay in a bean-can-shaped camper outside one of three national parks. The parks in question — Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and Big Bend National Park — are three of the most iconic the country has to offer.

And the experience comes with a guided tour of the park, so you’ll be sure to get a well-rounded (dare I say bean-shaped?) experience. The three prize packages include flights, ground transportation, and a $200 travel stipend. Each winner can invite one guest.

The living room of the Bush's Beans Canper. Very bean-themed.
The living room of the Bush’s Beans Canper. Is that a Bush’s Beans-shaped light fixture? Yes. Yes it is; (photo/Bush’s Beans)

The ‘Canper’ (as Bush’s calls it) is “fully stocked,” according to a statement released by the two organizations. I take that to mean stocked with beans, so choose your camping partner carefully. But the trip also includes breakfasts and dinners prepared by a private chef and to-go lunches for your rambles around the park.

As for the Canper itself, it appears as if someone in the Bush’s organization said, “We’re a bean company, dammit, let’s act like it.”

Bean-themed touches abound, from the shape of the table to the print on the wallpaper to the pillows on the bed. The Canper has water and power to boot. There’s no word on if those things are bean-themed or not, but I feel confident in saying that if it’s possible, Bush’s is on it.

The bedroom of the Bush's Beans Canper. Very bean-themed.
I feel like this speaks for itself; (photo/Bush’s Beans)

To enter, head to BushsCanper.com and fill out some basic information: name, address, birthday, etc. You can choose which park you prefer to stay near or select all three. Just note that if you win, you’ll have to make a choice.

The sweepstakes is open now and runs until just before midnight on April 26.

Cool beans.

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