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Black Friday 2022: Can’t-Miss Motorcycle Gear Deals

Kennecott mine, McCarthy, Alaska(Photo/Heather Lea)
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When GearJunkie’s Powersports Editor, Heather Lea, traveled around the world by motorcycle, she found out what moto gear worked and what didn’t.

Here are some of her favorites that have lasted through 40 countries and counting. Bonus: they’re all on sale!

Riding a motorcycle for 2 years, through 40 countries, and over 55,000 miles means I put a lot of motorcycle gear and gadgets to the test. Sideways snow, unrelenting rain along with wind, heat, cold, mud, washboard roads … you name it, I rode it and my gear came out the other end.

The following Black Friday deals are products I’ve either used myself or are trusted choices from riders I know.

Black Friday 2022 Motorcycle Gear Deals

1. inReach Mini 2: $350 (Reg. $400)

in reach mini motorcycle black friday deals

Having an SOS device is a debatable item for many long-distance adventure riders. In some cases, tech allows us a safety margin that helps us get after it. Loved ones tend to be more encouraging if they know they can find us or that we have an emergency backup.

On the other hand, such devices can give us a false sense of security, and many riders venture off-road alone. Either way, almost anyone can benefit from having a personal location device. Not just for the road, this inReach in particular is perfect for hiking, camping, trail running, or anywhere you’re everywhere.

We didn’t use the inReach Mini, but we did use the inReach Explore on our travels, which offers essentially the same functionality. The Mini allows for two-way messaging, interactive SOS alerts, and location sharing.

You don’t need cell coverage. All messages, tracking, and so on are transferred through the global Iridium satellite network. The battery lasts for up to 14 days with 10-minute tracking turned on, and up to 30 days with 30-minute tracking intervals.

  • Dimensions/weight: 4″ x 2″/ 3.5 oz.
  • Cost: $350
  • Weather resistance: Rated to IPX7
Shop Garmin inReach

2. Mosko Moto Backcountry 35L Pannier Kit: $840 (Reg. $990)

Motorcycle Black Friday Deals mosko moto panniers
(Photo/Mosko Moto)

Some of the most stylish, rugged soft luggage out there for carrying gear on your bike, Mosko Moto has a sweet deal this week. Along with free worldwide shipping, the company is offering 15% off everything they make.

Mosko soft-sided panniers come with a removable dry bag. The Backcountry 35L Pannier Kit pictured above includes your choice of two or four pockets, two 35L panniers with frames, two mounting wedges, a hardware pack, and eight aluminum mounting pucks.

Although Mosko Moto bags are not the lightest luggage system available to riders, they are extremely durable. I’ve had two crashes in my moto career — one resulted in sliding along a gravel road for a good distance. My Mosko panniers remained intact and only had a small tear — not bad for wiping out at 55 mph.

Designed for camping from your bike, the Backcountry 35L Pannier Kit totals 70L of storage. Rack not included.

I’ve used both hard and soft luggage for long-distance moto travel, and in my opinion, soft bags are the way to go.

  • Dimensions/weight: 20″ x 15″/ ~10 lbs. (depending on size)
  • Cost: $840/pair
  • Weather resistance: Site claims 100% waterproof (when rolled up properly)
Shop Mosko Moto

3. Akrapovic Motorcycle Exhaust System: $485-2,900 (Reg. $548-3,230)

Akrapovic exhaust system black friday deals

Who doesn’t like a good slip-on … ahem. Akrapovic exhaust systems have a slip-on line that helps enhance the tuning process on any motorcycle. Add power, performance, and that sexy Akrapovic purr with this sleek, low-profile addition.

Made from carbon and titanium, this exhaust system — intended for a BMW F800GSA — will fit with BMW side cases. Tailor one for your own bike here. You’ll have to head to Revzilla to get the sale price, however.

My husband installed one of these on his GSA halfway through our round-the-world trip. He was so excited when he lost his stock exhaust one day in Baja, he started looking for a way to make his bike sound like that all the time. But in a less-obnoxious way. The same installed system has worked for him for over half a decade now.

Shop Akrapovic Exhaust

4. HippoHands: $150 (Reg. $190)

hippo hands hand covers black friday sales

I didn’t personally test the HippoHands but a GearJunkie contributor has. See his review here.

I wish I’d had these riding in Patagonia and Alaska. I could never get my hands warm, even with waterproof gloves and heated grips. My palms were cozy but my digits were always frozen. I have no doubt that was due to wind chill, which hand covers like HippoHands would greatly reduce if not delete altogether.

HippoHands fit many different motorcycle handlebars and are made with HippoSkin, the brand’s waterproof layer. The website recommends the Rogue model for those who like to stand on the pegs a lot. The discounted Alcans in the link above are recommended for long-distance touring.

Note HippoHands are designed to fit over brush/hand guards.

  • Dimensions/weight: 12″ deep (Alcans). Weight unknown.
  • Cost: $150/pair (Website is also offering 10% off with code BLKFRI22. May not apply to discounted items.)
  • Weather resistance: Waterproof (covered with HippoSkin, the brand’s waterproof layer)
Shop HippoHands

5. Shoei GT Air II Helmet: $552 (Reg. $650)

Shoei GT Air helmet black friday deals

I can’t say enough about this helmet. It’s super comfortable without compromising safety, has decent ventilation for off-road riding, and isn’t super heavy for the neck and shoulders to support.

It also saved my noggen in a high-speed crash and had barely a scratch on it. Every time I need to replace my Shoei Air, I get the exact same one. In fact, at almost $100 off, I might even buy one now.

Don’t forget to check your helmet’s expiry date. They usually have just a 5-year lifespan on-road and should be replaced after any crash where your head hits the ground, or even if you drop it off a table, the handlebars, etc.

Factor in UV rays, too. Although my first helmet was new when we started out on our travels, I replaced it 2 years later, as it had been exposed to the elements for 700-plus days straight.

  • Dimensions/weight: 3.79 lbs. (dimensions will vary with size)
  • Cost: $552
  • Weather resistance: N/A
Shop Shoei AIr Helmet

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