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2021 Winnebago Revel 4×4: Inside a $175K Camper

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Since its launch in fall 2017, the Winnebago Revel has seen only small upgrades here and there. But for 2021, it sees some big upgrades that are sure to make van life even easier. While the new Revel is worth consideration, just know that full-featured, ready-to-go van life doesn’t come cheap.

Let’s get the elephant out of the room right upfront. A 4×4 Sprinter with every creature comfort you have at home is not an inexpensive machine. Pricing of the 2021 Winnebago Revel went up about $12,000 over the outgoing model and now starts at $175,000.

While it’s common in the RV industry to see up to 20% discounts regularly on new campers, with low supply and high demand, we expect the new Revel to hold its price for some time.

The 2021 Winnebago Revel is in production right now and will hit dealer lots across the country over the next few weeks. Global supply chains are slow at the moment, due to the pandemic and political unrest, but Winnebago expects to keep the new Revel rolling off the assembly line at a good pace.


Winnebago Revel: What’s New for 2021

More Power

The big news for the 2021 Revel is a hugely upgraded and impressive electrical system. A massive 3,125 Wh of usable power, through two 125Ah lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, highlights the new system.

You can charge these batteries from shore power, but more important for remote off-grid travel is a dedicated second alternator and roof-mounted solar power. A 2,000W inverter lets you charge up all your electronics and power just about any gadget you might have. And you can monitor the electric system through the Xantrex iOS/Android app.

Better Kitchen


The galley area also receives a big upgrade for 2021, with a new layout and new lightweight cabinetry. Overhead cabinets are made of folded aluminum, which not only looks good but reduces weight while increasing durability. New cabinet latches are considerably smaller as well, providing more internal room for storage.

Designers also changed the galley layout by moving the sink toward the back and the fridge (now 20% larger) all the way to the front, at the door. The induction stove now also finds a home tucked in a drawer.

Climate Control

A new diesel-powered hydronic hot water and air system mean this Revel has no propane systems. It’s efficient, quiet, and offers an LED touchscreen interface to control.

The roof-mounted electric AC unit keeps things cool on hot summer days but isn’t a new addition. The big climate upgrade for 2021 is that the AC unit can be run for an hour or more off of the batteries alone. In the past, shore power was required to run the AC. Plus, a mobile app will allow you to control the AC functions from your smart device.

More Upgrades


Rolling with the app-controlled creature comforts, the powered awning also works off a Bluetooth app. With it, you can control the built-in lighting systems, including dimming functions, as well as deployment and retraction.


Inside the 2021 Winnebago Revel, you get lots of storage solutions, including a host of new RAM Tough-Track adjustable track mounts throughout the camper. One of the nicest examples of this system is in the dinette area. Here, you can attach tablets or a small TV to watch videos. And Winnebago upgraded the dinette with a three-point seat belt, more storage, and a redesigned, sturdier pedestal table.

The freshwater tank has also been moved inside the van, so it won’t freeze during winter use. Meanwhile, a new water management panel at the back of the van makes fill-up and water control easier. And the Revel also has a rear outdoor shower.

2021 Winnebago Revel

  • Chassis: 144″ Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, 3.0L 6-cyl Turbo-diesel, 4WD w/Hi/Lo Range
  • Exterior dimensions: 19’7″ L x 10′ H x 7’1″ W
  • Interior height: 6’3″
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Freshwater capacity: 21 gal
  • Graywater capacity: 21 gal
  • Fuel capacity: 24.5 gal
  • Towing capacity: 5,000 lbs./500 lbs. tongue weight


First Impressions: 2021 Winnebago Revel

At under 20 feet long and only 10 feet tall, the Revel should prove easy to drive places you might not expect to see full-featured RVs. This, of course, makes them great adventure vehicles for getting out into remote wilderness areas.

We gave our friend Peter Holcombe (seen in the video above) a call and asked him about his experience in the new 2021 Winnebago Revel so far. Holcombe is really the only one with extensive experience with this new RV and has lived in a Revel for a few years now. Peter has a few favorite upgrades he’s excited about.


Of course, Holcombe loves the new big battery system. The biggest advantage for him so far was the ability to pull off the road for a Zoom meeting on a hot Wyoming day and run the AC off the house batteries. According to him, working from the road, anywhere, has never been so comfortable.



Holcombe also said he and his family enjoy the new kitchen/galley setup. The bigger fridge provides a big upgrade for them, and the new fridge location makes it easier to load up groceries from outside the van.

The induction stove being stashed in a drawer opened up a ton of counter space, Holcombe told us, and also allowed him to use it on the fold-down outdoor table to cook — keeping the heat out of the camper. The sink relocation and new design also has a taller faucet and bigger basin, which allowed him to much more easily use bigger pots to feed his family of three.

Look for a New App

Holcombe was also working on a big video project when we caught him on the phone. The project is for an app that will (probably) be called “How to Revel.” It will offer 42 different how-to videos for all the systems and features on the 2021 Winnebago Revel.

Designed for Revel owners, the app will serve as a quick resource on how to operate all systems when out in the field. The new app should be available in August.


More Van Life Info

You can find out more about the 2021 Winnebago Revel, find a dealer near you, or just check it out here. For more about RV life, be sure to check out our “Out of Office” section, for tips, gear, and stories from the road.


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